Your Ability to Earn Income Is Your Most Valuable Asset


The Kai-Zen strategy can help protect your financial future.


Protect Against Financial Uncertainties



You never know what life is going to throw at you.
Kai-zen allows you to get more of the protections and benefits you need.



Achieve Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle


Using leverage, the Kai-Zen strategy allows more money to build and protect your future income. Every dollar you or your employer contributes can be increased by up to three times.



Supplement Your Retirement Income


The potential for supplemental income allows you to use Kai-Zen as another vehicle for achieving financial freedom.

Upside Potential Growth with Downside Protection


Kai-Zen maximizes your participation in products that offer limited market risk.

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Learn About Kai-Zen

Employers - Protect Your Employees' Most Valuable Asset

S-Corps, LLCs, and Partnerships

Kai-Zen® is the most compelling after-tax strategy for S-Corps, LLCs, and partnerships.  Click here to learn more
Individuals - Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

For Individuals

Protect your most valuable asset – your ability to earn

Non-Profits and C-Corps

Tri-Zen®  is a pre-tax strategy for non-profits and C-Corps that need to attract and retain talent