About NIW



NIW first emerged as a leader in premium finance in 2000. Since then, the company has focused on financed insurance solutions mainly in the US market. Due to the success of their flagship product Kai-Zen (Japanese for “good change”), there is also interest for opportunities in Asia.

As a company, NIW combines long time industry experience with conservatism to create financial solutions that are focused on sustainability. NIW uses financed insurance to reduce clients’ out of pocket costs, and are specifically designed to stand the test of time.


  • Has financed life insurance for the last 20 years, including during the 2009 banking crisis
  • Works with many of the largest lenders in the world
  • Has facilitated over $5 Billion of loans with the lowest failure rate in the industry
  • Is known for the most economically sound and sustainable financed solutions in the life insurance market


To meaningfully and sustainably improve the estate or retirement situation of our clients while changing the culture of the life insurance industry to more sustainable, client-centered solutions.


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